Adnan Amir was born May 14 1980, in Yorkshire, UK. He is a 6' 2” tall British Actor, Writer, Director, and Producer of the highly anticipated British feature film, Back 2 Forward. He is the CEO of Colossal Films and a Law Graduate and Postgraduate in Legal Practice and has studied English Language, Media Studies and Film Direction & Screenplay Writing.


He is a natural method actor who is always ready to submerge himself in to the character. He felt every moment in the film should be faithful to his original vision. He wanted a sense of edge and realism within the film, especially within intense scenes. Adnan put great focus and importance to the sense of power, the pace, the shift of power, the character growth, the twists and turns, events, conflicts and the resolution when writing and during filming, that it will indeed make Back 2 Forward a great compelling film.​​


Adnan lost his Father to a long 7 year battle with Cancer at the age of 16. This experience quickly matured him and led to him being the man that he is today. He believes it's all about the 'Love, Peace and Harmony'. He is well travelled and respects different cultures, faiths and the diversity in the World. He regularly takes part in charitable events and believes we can all make a difference. He loves socialising with family and friends over a nice meal or going to concerts and letting his hair down. He enjoys sports and was in his School and College football, cricket and hockey team. He likes outdoor fun activities and adventures and enjoys getting stuck in! He has a varied taste in music and films, and believes if it's good it's good!




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